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Greeley, Colorado

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Greeley, Colorado

Greeley is in Northern Colorado and an hour away from Rocky Mountain National Park to the west and an hour from Denver to the south.

But you will find plenty to do and to see in Greeley. Sports Illustrated selected Greeley as one of the best park/recreation programs in the nation. Greeley has many of the amenities of a large city. Greeley has also been named one of the eight top places to retire in the United States by "Where to Retire" magazine.

Greeley's diverse population is reflective of its history of attracting immigrants for work in the many farming and agriculturally related businesses that sustained its early economy. While early settlers came from the east and Midwest United States, immigrants from Russia, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and Central America have bolstered Greeley's population numbers to an estimated 115,000 people in 2010. As people have settled in the area, their success has been reflected in the economic statistics reflected in recent years. Greeley's population is relatively young, with nearly 60% of its citizens 40 years old or younger.

Greeley enjoys a semi-arid, steppe climate with hot summers and primarily mild winters. Relative humidity is low year-round, with dew points rarely exceeding 60F, even at the height of summer. Lots of sunshine and little precipitation make for a pleasant climate year-round. Precipitation is mostly in the form of snow from October to April, but snowfalls are often light and usually melt within a few days.

The cost of housing in Greeley is estimated to be 5% less than that of the national average. Greeley is just under the national average for overall cost of living. According to Money Magazine, Greeley's average home price is lower than the nation as a whole.

Housing resources include apartments, condominiums, townhomes, patio homes and single-family residences in every size and price range. At any given time, housing options can include Victorian in a historically designated district and new construction with high-tech add-ons.

Greeley is blessed with some 40 parks, natural spaces, and athletic fields located throughout the city for the benefits of its residents. Many parks feature walking trails as well as playground equipment, picnic shelters and restroom facilities.

The Poudre River Trail travels along the north side of Greeley from Island Grove Park west through Windsor, to the Larimer County line. Once completed, it will extend all the way to Fort Collins. The trail, built through a cooperative effort between the cities of Greeley and Windsor, and Weld County, provides an excellent walking, jogging, rollerblading, or biking surface in the midst of natural landscapes and wildlife.

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